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Do your part to protect your family and community from serious illness and discomfort as a result of the flu by booking your vaccination appointment at Kiara Compounding Pharmacy Perth.

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth
Monday to Friday  8:00am – 6:30pm
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Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth
Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth
Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth

Who we are

About Our Team

Here at Kiara Pharmacy & Compounding Perth, we want to provide professional, safe, and personalised pharmacy services to every person who walks through the door.

For the past 19 years, the members of our team have been providing family-oriented services to the community on the principle that helping families through sickness always comes first. And we’re determined to keep moving forward in the same spirit.

We’re the Aged Care, Group Home, and Nursing Care Medication Specialists who go above and beyond in every way. Our team provides medications, vaccinations, and treatments for a range of conditions. We also create our own safe and effective herbal remedies to support your holistic health.

Let us help you care for your family, and we can all have a safe and healthy winter.

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth
Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth

Our services

Our Services for You

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth

Webster Packing

We organise your medications, so you never forget them, take them at the wrong time, or take the wrong pills ever again.

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth


We provide high-quality healthcare solutions by tailoring our medicines and dosages to your exact needs using industry-leading compounding techniques and products.

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth


We’re working hard to bring safe delivery of influenza vaccinations to protect you and your family from the flu this winter.

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth

Script Management

We specialise in providing script management services to families, aged care providers, and disability services all over WA. Our team covers the metropolitan areas from Mandurah to Joondalup and east to Chidlow.

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth

Eczema Treatment

We specialise in relieving the itch and burn of eczema with herbal creams and tonics that work on the inside and the outside.

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth

Jilani's Product

At Kiara Pharmacy, we offer a range of safe and exclusive herbal preparations which can help with certain clinical conditions and complaints.

Jilani’s Products Shop

Our exclusive, herbal preparations are available in store or online to help you and your family with a range of conditions and complaints.

Skin condition treatments

For adults and children.

Baby Colic, Wind and Reflux Mixtures

To relieve symptoms and encourage healing.

Teething Gels and Elixirs

Safe herbal pain relief.

Mouth Ulcer Gels

Faster healing as well as pain and inflammation relief.

Baby Nappy Rash Treatments

Symptoms relief and barrier creams.

Anti-Fungal Treatments

For skin and nails.

Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth
Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth


What Our Clients Say

This place is well known for its eczema medications. Several friends have talked abt how effective their medications are and sworn by them. I do several trip a year to collect big eczema medication orders for friends. Jelani have recommended me several medications as well in the past for my oldest girl back when she was small. Service has always been quick and friendly.
Annie L
感谢Dr Jilani 让我多年手过敏问题, 得到了改善
Star wang
I am so Amazed at how quickly my daughters eczema has cleared up! Its been 5 days and it is 100x better. We have tried so many different creams and prescription ointments and it hasn't done much, until now. These products are worth every cent. Please if you're even thinking about getting them, don't hesitate any longer. They are so worth it. It's 2 lots of different creams and one can be used as a soap substitute, and a medication liquid to help promote gut health, under $100
Rachael Madeleine
Much recommended to see Dr Jalini and treatment for any eczema issues. My 4 months daughter skin have dramatically improved and cleared up. Thank so so much. Compared to what the GP tells to use eg: steroid creams etc which is hard on newborn skins..
Wow blown away. I was recommended to contact Kiara Pharmacy to see if they could provide me with some eczema cream & drops for my son, his skin cleared up within a few days and I have tried absolutely everything. I can't thank you enough, extremely professional to deal with and fast postage.
Zoe Martin
Amazing treatment for eczema. The treatment started to ease my condition upon application. Dr Jilani explains everything in a clear and friendly way and the staff are wonderful. Thank you.
Linzi Boyd
The creams saved my babies skin from eczema!!
Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth
Kiara Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy Perth

How to Order Your Prescriptions

You can now order your prescriptions online through our system. Once your prescriptions are ordered, you can pick them up in store or have them delivered to your home free of charge. This is another way that our staff are working to keep you and your family safe.

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