4 Reasons Why You Need Our Pharmacy Compounding Services

4 Reasons Why You Need Kiara Pharmacy’s Compounding Services

You probably don’t know what compounding is. That’s okay, not many people do. The truth is that compounding is like a secret weapon in the hands of experienced pharmacists. And now, we’re offering it to you and your family.

So, if you’re curious, here are the 4 benefits that you’ll enjoy from our pharmacy compounding services:

1. You Get Exactly the Medication and Dose you Need

Medications are mass produced these days. This is easier for pharmaceutical companies, but the ‘regular’ dose often isn’t appropriate for individual cases. That’s where our compounding services come in. Our pharmacists can combine, mix, or change ingredients until you get exactly the right medication mix and dose you need. And because of the training our pharmacists receive and the pharmacy regulations in Australia, the end result is safe and effective.

2. Easy to Use Medications

As most people know, medications can taste foul and be hard to take. This is particularly true for older people who may have trouble swallowing. Offering compounding services allows your pharmacist to custom make your prescription in a flavour that you or your loved one will enjoy.

3. Allergy Friendly Medications

Mass produced medications can include fillers, preservatives or other extras that can cause allergic reactions in some people. With compounding services, your pharmacist can create a mixture without the offending ingredients. This means you can still get the medication you need without danger.

4. Access to Discontinued Medications

Manufacturers can and do discontinue medications at any time. This can leave you without the medication you need. But your pharmacist has access to high quality ingredients and can recreate the medication you need safely and quickly.

Compounding services offer a huge range of benefits, which is why we’ve decided to include it at Kiara Pharmacy! Talk to our staff today about how it can improve your medication regime.

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