3 Benefits Of Choosing A Compounding Pharmacy

3 Benefits of Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy

3 Benefits of Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy in Perth

So you’ve been to the doctor and now you need to get your prescription filled. After a quick search online of “pharmacies near you”, you see that there seem to be two main types of pharmacies around; regular pharmacies and compounding pharmacies. You know all about the standard, regular pharmacies, but what is a compounding pharmacy? And what are the benefits of a compounding pharmacy over a regular pharmacy?

Read on below for 3 benefits of choosing a compounding pharmacy.

1. Customised prescriptions

When it comes to your medication, sometimes the standard “off-the-shelf” option might not be exactly what you need. Maybe you require a different dosage or strength, or perhaps what your doctor has prescribed you has been discontinued and you need an alternative made. Or you might be looking for a prescription which is free from preservatives or additives which can be found in regular medications. In all of these instances, visiting a compounding pharmacy could be the answer you’re looking for. At a compounding pharmacy, chemists make your medication as prescribed by your doctor. However, they can select the ingredients they use when creating them, allowing for a customised prescription that meets your needs.

2. Allergy-friendly

If you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to some of the ingredients that are often used in medications, then visiting a compounding pharmacy could be a good solution for you. At a compounding pharmacy, the pharmacist can ensure that your prescription is free from gluten, lactose, flavours, dyes or any other substances that might not bode well with you.

3. Easier to ingest

When it comes to taking medication, some people can find standard medication difficult to stomach. But when your prescription is made at a compounding pharmacy, you’re able to customise the flavour, shape and size of your medicine. This can be extremely beneficial for children or elderly people who find generic medication to be difficult or problematic to ingest.

If you’d like more information on what a compounding pharmacy is, or if you’re looking for a compound pharmacy near you, contact Kiara Pharmacy. Our expert pharmacists are here to help you make an informed decision when it comes to your prescriptions and in finding the best medication solution for your needs. 

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