Better Nutritional Support Through Sports Compounding

Better Nutritional Support Through Sports Compounding

Ensuring that your body gets all the nutrients that it needs in the right combinations isn’t easy for anyone. But it’s even more difficult when you’re an athlete. In order to function at its best, your body needs a unique combination of nutrients to support better recovery, muscle growth, strength, and healing. And you can get the exact combination you need with sports compounding.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a die-hard athlete, let’s take a look at how you can better fulfil your body’s nutritional needs at your friendly compounding pharmacy in Perth.

Nutrition for Athletes 101

As an athlete, you put more demands on your body than most people. And you do the same when it comes to your diet. Nutrients aren’t just a way to fuel your body when you’re an athlete, you may also need them to support other goals such as:

  • Faster or better recovery
  • Increased muscle growth
  • Better nutrient retention
  • Longer lasting energy or bursts of energy at the right time
  • Increased endurance

To help with this, many athletes rely on nutritional supplements. However, this presents its own set of problems. The supplements that are commercially available often:

  • Don’t contain the right nutrients for your needs
  • Are only available in limited dose ranges
  • Contain additives or preservatives that you may react to

This can result in you having to take handfuls of pills to get all the nutrients your high-demand body needs. You may also end up missing out on certain helpful nutrients because you just can’t the right supplements.

It doesn’t have to be this way with sports compounding.

What is sports compounding?

Sports compounding is your best ally when an athlete wants to personalise their nutritional intake.  Most medications and supplements that are available in the shops are standardised. This mean that the dosages, forms, and varieties of these medications are severely limited. When you’re an athlete and need a highly personalised approach, this just doesn’t work.

A compounding pharmacy can help you overcome these issues and ensure that you get the exact sports supplements you need. Your pharmacist can mix and match supplements, creating a unique blend that exactly meets your personal needs. They may also be able to combine supplements so that you get to take fewer pills and get the same results.

When you’re trying to improve your athletic performance and streamline the health plan that supports your efforts, customised nutritional supplements are the only way to go.

The Takeaway

If you want your body to function at its best, then you need to up your game when it comes to what you put in it. This means creating and living by an individual health plan that includes nutrients that suit your body’s unique need sand demands.

Talk to one of our friendly staff today about better nutritional supplements through sports compounding at Kiara Pharmacy.

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