4 Steps To Choosing The Right Compounding Pharmacy In 2021

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Compounding Pharmacy In 2023

When it comes to prescriptions, you want to feel confident with where you go to get them filled. You might have a local pharmacy that you’ve been going to for years, or maybe you’re making the switch from a retail pharmacy to a compounding pharmacy. Either way, it never hurts to re-check in and make sure that you’re still happy with your choice of pharmacy. But are you unsure of where to start? Well, rest easy, as below we cover our 4 steps to choosing the right compounding pharmacy in 2023.

  1. Research, research, research

You wouldn’t buy a new car without doing some thorough research beforehand. And the same goes for when you’re choosing a compounding pharmacy. Ask your friends, family or workmates for their suggestions and recommendations if they live in the area. They’ll likely tell you if they’ve had a positive or negative experience somewhere. Also, a quick Google and Facebook search for reviews will help paint a clear picture as to the professionalism and the type of service you can expect to receive from that pharmacy.

  1. Pop in and have a chat

Once you’ve found a compounding pharmacy you like the look of, pop into the store and meet the staff. You’ll easily get a feel for the place once you’re there. It also allows you to talk directly to the pharmacists or assistants and ask any questions you may have about their processes, the ingredients they use or the way they work.

  1. Take an active part

When you’re talking to the pharmacist about your prescriptions, make sure you provide them with as much relevant information as possible. If you have any requirements regarding the form in which you want your medication dispensed, or there are ingredients you want to avoid (sugar, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours etc.), make sure you let them know. This will help to ensure the end result meets all of your prescription medication needs and expectations.

  1. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure about something. Remember, a pharmacist goes to university for many years to do the job they’re doing! No question is a silly question when it comes to health and well-being, so don’t feel silly or uneducated if you’re not entirely sure about something.

At Kiara Pharmacy our pharmacists are always happy to have a chat so that you can feel confident and informed about your pharmacy choice. We welcome you to visit us in-store or contact us at any time for more information.

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