How To Enjoy Better Senior Care With Compounding

How to Enjoy Better Senior Care with Compounding

Seniors need special care. Not only do they often have more factors influencing their health, but their bodies can also be more fragile. This makes them more vulnerable to side effects and medication mistakes. These issues can all change with the help of your compounding pharmacy, Perth.

If you’re concerned about your health or the health of your senior family member, then you need to understand how to enjoy better senior care with a compounding pharmacist.

Senior Medication Issues

Medication problems are more common in Australia’s senior population. This is a serious concern because effective medications are essential for the management of many senior health issues.  

Seniors often struggle to take their medications, or don’t take them at all because of:

  • Confusion about the medications or their instructions
  • Affordability concerns
  • Frustration with the constant disruptions caused by having to take medications
  • Difficulty understanding the need for medications

This can obviously be a very dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation. On top of these issues, seniors are more likely to experience medical medication issues such as:

Side Effects

Side effects that affect balance or thinking can be very dangerous for seniors. They can cause falls, confusion, brain fog, or fatigue and severely interfere with safety and quality of life.

Drug Strength

The body changes as you age, and the way a senior’s body processes medications will change as well. As a result, a medication can have a stronger than expected effect in a senior’s body, causing side effects or additional health problems.

Scheduling Problems

Medications need to be taken at different times of the day and under different conditions. It can be hard to get a complicated medication schedule right, and yet getting it wrong can lower the efficacy of medication. It can also result in missed doses, medication mix-ups, and inadequate doses, all of which can be a danger to your health.

Your compounding pharmacy in Perth can remove all of these health threats with webster packing.

Lack of Follow-up

When you start on a new medication, you need to follow up with your doctor to ensure that it’s working as promised and reducing symptoms. Seniors are more likely to miss out on these follow-up appointments. The end result is that many seniors are on too many medications that aren’t doing them any good and may actually harm their health!

Drug Interactions

When seniors are on multiple medications they don’t need or that aren’t working, they’re more likely to experience drug interactions. Certain medications, supplements, and vitamins should never be taken together. Unfortunately, the only people who really understand how medications can interact are a doctor or a pharmacist at your compounding pharmacy, Perth.

Safer Medications with your Compounding Pharmacy, Perth

Working with your compounding pharmacy in Perth can help alleviate or eliminate these medication problems with script management services. Your compounding pharmacist:

  • Has firsthand knowledge in how different conditions interact in senior bodies
  • Can identify medications that shouldn’t be taken together
  • Can create a personalised medication management plan to minimise medication hassles and disruptions
  • Offers medication solutions that can’t be found at regular pharmacies
  • Can create medications that are easier to take
  • Can help eliminate medication side effects by creating medication mixes without fillers or additives

The Takeaway

Senior medication management is a highly complex and yet essential field of medicine. Every senior deserves personalised, individual care to ensure that their conditions are correctly managed with a minimum of disruption to their health and their quality of life.

If you’re unsatisfied with the standard pharmacy care, then talk to the team at Kiara’s compounding pharmacy, Perth. We can help you and your senior get on top of medication concerned and live as happily and healthily as possible.

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