Paediatric Compounding Solves The Problem Why Won’t My Kids Take Their Medicine

Paediatric Compounding Solves the Problem: Why Won’t My Kids Take their Medicine?

There’s nothing more frightening or heartrending then when your child is sick or injured. It can leave you feeling helpless and as if you would do almost anything to make them feel better again. Just to make the situation worse, kids are often resistant to taking medications, turning an activity that should make them feel better into an ongoing battle.

If you’ve been fighting this battle with varying success, then here’s why your child might be so resistant and how your local pharmacy can help with paediatric compounding.

Why don’t kids like to take medicine

Let’s be blunt here, nobody likes to take medicine. But it’s even more difficult with kids, because they don’t really understand how important it is to take their medications when they’re unwell.

Kids are more focused on the here and now, which means the actual experience of taking medications can put them off. This is particularly true when they’re very young but can apply at almost any age.

Here are some of the issues that children have with medications:

  • Dislike of the textures and tastes
  • Some forms, like injections or suppositories, can be downright painful or traumatic for children
  • Liquid medications can cause a burning sensation in the throat
  • Flavourings can be too weak to cover the underlying taste
  • The smell of medications can cause dislike before your child even tastes them
  • Negative experiences with medications or medical personnel in the past can cause fear or rejection in your child

These can be serious issues for your child, but they’re also issues that can be solved at a pharmacy with paediatric compounding.

The dangers of medication resistance

When your child is resistant to taking their medications, it can do more than cause problems at medicine time in your house. It can also cause:

  • Medication wastage because of spitting or fighting
  • Under or overdosing of medications, which may slow or complicate their recovery
  • Ongoing fear or trauma, which means more trouble with medications in the future
  • Vomiting or choking if a child is forced to take medication
  • Stress for your child and everyone in your household

How to encourage your child to take medications

There are things that you can do to make medication time easier in your home. Obviously, a lot of this will depend on your child, their age, and their comprehension level, but try a few of these tips and see if they help:

  • Let your child sit up to take medications so you aren’t looming over them
  • Talk to your child first and explain that they need the medications to feel better and play
  • Ask another adult to help distract or gently hold your child to stop them moving
  • Use a syringe for liquid medications
  • Never punish, threaten, or shame a child for being reluctant
  • Use positive reinforcement afterwards to encourage them for the future

These may help your child to be calmer and more compliant. However, you can also talk to your local pharmacy about paediatric compounding.

Kiara Pharmacy and paediatric compounding

The team at Kiara Pharmacy can work with your child’s doctor to create custom-made, precisely dosed medications that are easier for your child to take. Basically, we focus on making medication time smoother and easier by making medications that are:

  • Precisely calibrated to the dose your child needs, so no measuring or counting pills
  • Textured or flavoured to suit your child’s needs and tastes
  • In a form that your child can swallow even if that form isn’t commercially available
  • Free of any ingredients that may cause allergic reactions
  • Tasty and pleasant smelling so that your child enjoys medication time

There’s no longer any need to crush medications into food or mix them into juices to encourage your child to take them. Instead, talk to your paediatric compounding pharmacy about your child’s medication needs.

At Kiara Pharmacy, we make compounded medication for a range of childhood issues and illnesses. We turn gritty or bitter tasting medicines into easy to take forms like:

  • Gummies
  • Lollipops
  • Topical gels
  • Liquids of varying flavours

The Takeaway

It can be very difficult to balance the needs of your child. On one hand, you don’t want to force them to take their medications and possibly hurt, scare, or traumatise them. But on the other hand, they may need to take their medication to get well again.

You don’t have to try to solve this problem on your own when your local pharmacy offers paediatric compounding. At Kiara Pharmacy, we specialise in making medicine time easier for children and their parents, so talk to one of our friendly staff today about your options.

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