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“I just have to email you to thank you so much for the Cel B cream.

I have had eczema all my life but during this pregnancy (my first), it has severely flared up on my hands worse than ever and absolutely nothing has given me much relief. I was waking up in the night itching and in pain sometimes in tears, unable to live a normal daily routine without struggling with my hands and after almost 9 months I was really getting desperate. After the first use of this cream, to my utter disbelief I woke up to significantly clearer hands that were not itchy! Now, less than one week of use, they are just about completely healed! I am gobsmacked and so incredibly thankful! I truly believe this is an absolute miracle cream.

I have already recommended it to many other mums and will continue to do so. It is such a great feeling to know that I have something all natural that I can rely on, thank you for creating an all natural product that truly works!”

Destyni Dobbs

“My daughter has ADHD combined type. We tried 3 different medications and they all helped for school but at home, her moods made day to day life a roller coaster. Before the Meds kicked in she was more distracted than pre-meds and the comedowns were emotional and irrational. We started her on Jilani’s Meditonic O2 and OLY GEN liquid about 2 months ago, her teachers have noticed she is much happier and although her concentration is less than on meds, she is achieving better than average grades. At home she has been fantastic, her moods are manageable and she gets over things much more quickly. We ran out of tonic and had a four-day break, the difference was definitely noticeable. Thanks, Jilani and Kiara Healthlink Pharmacy, your help with my daughter has been priceless. I also want to add that my Nan has been a customer here for more than 15 years and the staff have been absolutely wonderful to her.”

Andrea Thompson

I tried the face wash for my acne. I was expecting to see results in probably a week or two, like other acne treatment products I have used before and was surprised to see amazing results the next morning. I strongly recommend the acne face wash to anyone with a similar skin problem. Just give it a try. I was surprised to see my acne dried, meanwhile, my skin became so smooth like silky skin. Say goodbye to dry peeling skin or oily skin.

Min Yang

“I would just like to say a very big thank you to you for fixing my son’s eczema. His whole life he has had very sensitive skin and a permanent rash. His eczema had gotten so bad at times he had needed a course of antibiotics because it had become infected. His bed sheets often had spots of blood from him scratching himself raw in his sleep. We have tried so many different treatments including steroid creams with very little relief. Your creams are a miracle! His rash is pretty much non-existent now. The only times it has come back is when he’s been doing lots of swimming in chlorine and has gotten a little too relaxed with putting his cream on, however after a couple of days of being vigilant with it, it completely clears up again. I am so grateful to my friend for recommending you to me, and I have been recommending you to everyone I speak to now too. Thank you from an eternally grateful mum!“

Carly Odlum

“I would just like to provide a testimonial to how Jilani’s services have aided our family. I think what has been most important to me as a Mum of three small children is that Jilani has provided support, advice and solutions to my families significant health issues where specialists and other professionals have been unable to assist. Where health professionals offered me medication in response to anxiety, Jilani has provided a herbal tonic that has been an extremely effective alternative to strong medication whilst I was pregnant. When I was told that steroid cream was the only option for my son’s eczema, Jilani provided an alternative which was not only gentle but effective within one application. Where other health professionals told me I could do nothing but wait for my sons digestive issues to repair over the period of a year and he would just have to suffer the stomach pain and discomfort until then, Jilani provided not only hope and support, but an effective treatment plan that saw my third little boy supported to be more comfortable, in less pain and aided to heal much quicker than specialists advised was possible. I myself am now also about to begin taking a tonic in response to aiding hormonal imbalances. In addition to treatments, I have also sought preventative tonics such as the Immune Tonic to help tackle the endless winter bugs that tend to do the rounds in our home each year. As a Mother, Jilani has provided me with alternatives, with a listening ear and with effective health solutions without charging the unaffordable rates that others do. I am not only grateful for his extensive knowledge, his natural medicines and his successful treatment plans, I am also ever so grateful for his approach. Jilani respectfully listens and offers collaborative and flexible solutions, taking into account your observations, thoughts and the information you provide. Jilani has always been easily contactable and happy to help. I highly recommend considering a consultation with Jilani for any of your health needs. Kindest Regards, Jenny Biancotti.“

Jenny Biancotti

“Jilani’s medication on baby eczema (EC cream, Cel B, and multi-herbal liquid) has been a miracle to our lovely baby girl. Our daughter suffered from eczema since 2 months old. We visited GP and used prescription medication. We found that her condition came back, and actually was getting worse, every time after stop using medicine. She had severe itchiness on her skull, we tried Claratyne following GP’s instruction, which did not stop her itchiness from eczema, so she could barely sleep at night. After we made an appointment to see Jilani, we purchased EC cream (moisturiser), CEL B cream (eczema treatment cream), and the herbal liquid (stop itchiness of her skull). I fed my baby the herbal liquid before bedtime, and she slept through the night without feeling itchiness, which was a big relief. Before that night, she had not had any sleep for 48 hours due to her itchiness. Now our girl is almost one and half years old. She has lovely, almost perfect skin that nobody would link her to eczema. She has pretty much grown out of it now, we continue using the moisturiser, but rarely need to use CEL B cream the eczema cream and the liquid. However, I just feel more secure having Jilani’s medicine with me anywhere we go (I actually went panicking once as I forgot to take the medicine). When my girl has allergy reaction (which happens probably once a month or even less now), I would give her the herbal liquid straight away, and her allergy/eczema usually goes away within 5 minutes.“

Min Yang

“I’ve suffered from chronic eczema for 23 years. I’ve tried it all…a gluten-free diet, dairy-free diet, low salicylate diet (which made the most difference but still didn’t fully heal my eczema), steroid ointments, acupuncture & Chinese herbs, probiotics, every cream on the market as well as seeing a dermatologist and naturopath just to name a few…all with little to no improvement of my eczema. I was encouraged to go to Healthlink Pharmacy at Kiara and speak to Jilani about his Cel B & EC cream. I am so glad I did! After just one night of using these creams accompanied with Jilani’s EC liquid mixture and a Vit A/Vit D tablet, my eczema is almost non-existent. I no longer itch. I have peaceful, uninterrupted nights sleep. I don’t need to moisturise every chance I get. And I have little to no red marks left on my skin, allowing me to wear shorts without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. Thank you so so much, Jilani and the amazing team at this pharmacy! You’ll never know just how truly grateful I am to be relieved of this frustrating condition!“

Tayla Gale

“My son has severe eczema since he was born. First thing his dermatologist prescribed is steroid cream. Works for a while then his eczema started creeping back and was prescribed a stronger steroid. Since then we have avoided steroid and tried alternative medicine, Chinese medicine, osteopathy, many creams, supplements all with hit and missed result. His skin was severely dry and itchy until I have been recommended by my wife’s friend to see Jilani, most wonderful person who ends his suffering in 3 days with his herbal mixture and non-steroid creams. He is now having baby skin with normal sleep although still need more time to recover fully. My wife and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done.“

Li-Fung Chow

“Thank you so much!!! My son has had severe eczema for 9 years and I have tried absolutely everything but nothing worked except awful steroid creams although it kept coming back. Jilani was amazing and recommended 3 products he makes himself. After 3 days his skin healed and is free from eczema for 3 months now. My child is so happy. I’m happy and can’t thank you enough. I would highly recommend anyone with eczema to go see him.”

Cynthia Moneypenny

“My Daughter suffers from sensory processing disorder, ADD and ADHD. Mohidien took one look at her and asked does she behave like this all the time? I said yes. With his guidance, we started a probiotics & serenity calm mixture. For about a 2 month period. The fidgeting has stopped, the lack of concentration at school is no longer a problem and the turn around in her behaviour is unbelievable. Her grades have improved and self-confidence. I highly recommend anyone with any of the above issues to see Mohidien asap. I highly recommend him. Thank you so much to Mohidien & the team at Healthlink pharmacy. You are a Godsend xo.“

Wanda Greif Thomas

“My 6 years old daughter struggled with her itchy skin since she was born. We tried everything cream, Chinese herb, coriander water……, until we used the cream Kiara pharmacy made, only for a week time even my daughter said&quote; mum this time, it really worked, I don’t feel itchy during sleep, I like it&quote. My daughter’s skin getting better, the old scars slowly go away. Hope this time this cream will stop her skin problem forever. Thank you soooooo much!“

Ruby Tang

My 4-month-old daughter had bad eczema and really dry skin all over her body and I tried creams recommended by a dermatologist which didn’t work. Someone recommended me to go to you and try one of your creams so I did and within a day of using it her skin had dramatically improved and 3 days later it’s all gone!! I am amazed, her skin is so soft now! Thank you!

Sue Maxfield

“Thank you to Jilani and his fabulous staff who always go above and beyond what is expected. I recently had an injury to my eye and without the care and advise from Jilani it could have been a lot worse. Nothing is ever to much trouble!!!! After 16 years of health advise for my family Jilani is now a valued friend and not just the local Chemist.“

Lyndel Kocar

“We have been going to Jilani’s Pharmacy for many years, everyone there is so helpful and welcoming, l wouldn’t go anywhere else.“

Gaye Pittaway Derby

“Great service, knowledgeable staff and amazing support when needed. I’ve been here many times since my son was born and have received excellent advice and guidance.“

Katharina Wolf

“Great service Jilani is amazing I recommend all my friends.“

Mark Flesky

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