Stress Free Children’s Medication With Compounding

Stress Free Children’s Medication with Compounding

Ever tried to give medication to a sick child? Unless it tasted like chocolate, chances are that it was extremely difficult. Medication time can be very stressful for both parent and child, and that’s the last thing that you need when you’re stressed, and your child is unwell.

Taking medication will never be a completely pleasant activity, but you can make it easier with the help of your compounding pharmacy, Perth.

Why Paediatric Compounding?

Children are especially suited to compounded medications. Children’s bodies are fragile and need specialised care. Unfortunately, commercial medications are often full of inactive ingredients like dyes and fillers that cause allergies, side effects, or sensitivities. They also contain ‘standard’ doses that may not be right for your child’s size or condition.

Your compounding pharmacy in Perth can create a unique that’s tailored to your child and their needs and preferences. Here are just some of the benefits of compounding for kids:

It Tastes Better

Medications taste bad, even to adults, and for children this can be a deal-breaker. A good compounding pharmacist can create medications that taste good without compromising the effectiveness of the medication.

Different Medication Forms

Most children hate taking capsules and tablets but will swallow syrup without too much fuss as long as it tastes like strawberries. If your child is fussy about what they take, your pharmacist can create a solution that’s more palatable. This is particularly useful when treating children who can’t swallow tablets for different reasons.

Decrease the Allergy Risk

During compounding, your pharmacist can remove all the common allergens in the medication mix. This will lower the risk of reactions and side effects, both of which can make your child unwilling to take their medication.

Children’s Doses

There are certain medications that your child must take in very specific doses, such as post-organ transplant medication. Unfortunately, most medication is tailored for adults and the dose is too high for children. Your pharmacist can ensure that your child receives the exact dose they need for safety and effectiveness at a compounding pharmacy, Perth.

At Kiara Pharmacy, we want to provide every customer with safe and effective health solutions and remedies. That’s why we offer personalised medication plans for adults and children at our compounding pharmacy, Perth. Talk to one of our staff today about your medication needs. 


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