Answers To The Top 5 Questions People Have About Compounding

Answers to the Top 5 Questions People Have About Compounding

Are you curious about compounding but don’t really understand what it is? Wondering if it could help improve your health but feel wary about trying it? If one size fits all medications and treatments just don’t work for you, then it may be time to talk to your compounding pharmacy in Perth.

To help you feel safe and secure with this decision, here are the answers to the top 5 questions that people have about compounding.

1. What is compounding?

A compounding pharmacy is one that makes medications from raw ingredients. These ingredients are mixed or changed on the premises to suit each individual patient’s needs. Here’s why you might need compounded medications:

  • You’re allergic to usual formulations
  • You need a strength or dose that isn’t available
  • The medication you need isn’t available or is out of stock
  • You can’t take the medication and need a form that isn’t commercially available
  • You have strict dietary requirements

In this way, compounding can help you get the medication you need or allow you to take your medication without side effects. It’s also a good choice for older people or babies who struggle to take pills or need a lower dose than the norm.

2. Can I get compounded medications without a prescription?

Compounded medications work the same as prescription medications. So, if you need to take an active ingredient that your doctor needs to prescribe, then you’ll need to get a prescription to get that ingredient in a compounded medication.

3. Can I use compounding to get cheap medications?

It’s true that medications can be expensive, but you can’t use compounding to get them cheaper. It’s illegal to compound and sell medications if they’re already commercially available. So, you can only have your medications compounded if they’re not commercially available.

4. Are compounded medications safe?

A trained and experienced pharmacist creates your compounded medications. They use ingredients that meet the highest quality possible and must follow strict standards that regulate how compounds are used, the equipment, and the sterility of the process. There’s also a federal law that regulates the entire industry and The National Coordinating Committee on Therapeutic Goods (NCCTG) oversees the industry as a whole.

However, because compounded medications aren’t mass produced, the government can’t assess or analyse every medication. That’s why you should talk to your doctor and your pharmacist before trying compounded medications.

5. How long does it take to make compounded medication?

You will have to wait to get your compounded medication. But then again, you usually have to wait in your local retail pharmacy to get commercialised medications as well. The amount of time that you have to wait will depend on how complex your prescription is. Most compounded medications can be completed inside of a day, but if you need rare or out of stock ingredients, you may have to wait longer.

The Takeaway

Compounded medications can be a good way to get the medications you need in the right dose or strength, or without the additives or fillers that cause allergic reactions. However, they’re still medications and need to be treated with caution.

If you’re concerned about taking compounded medications, then it’s time to talk to your compounding pharmacy in Perth. Call Kiara Pharmacy today and talk to one of our experienced pharmacists.

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