A Customised Approach To Your Pet’s Health With Veterinary Compounding

A Customised Approach to Your Pet’s Health with Veterinary Compounding

A pet can be a treasured part of your family. They’re there for you no matter what happens and when they have health problems, it can be devastating. That’s why you need to ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy with medical care that’s tailored to their needs and condition.

Veterinary compounding is a fairly common practice that can help your pet get the best and most personalised care possible. To learn more about this fairly new practice, let’s take a look at what happens in a compounding pharmacy, Perth.

What is veterinary compounding?

Compounding is the process of producing medications that are tailored to an individual’s circumstances. Basically, a compounding pharmacist will mix, combine, and otherwise change a medication to suit your pet’s needs.

Your pet might need a compounded medication because:

  • The regular medication isn’t available
  • Your pet needs a strength, dosage, or package size that isn’t normally available
  • Your pet struggles to swallow medications and needs a different form or flavour

Basically, compounding can make medicating your pet easier because it allows you to give them the exact dosage that they need in a form that they’re willing to take. This will make medication time easier and give your pet the best chance of a speedy recovery.

Is veterinary compounding legal?

Veterinary compounding is legal in Australia. According to policy, compounded products can be used when no other registered product can treat your pet’s condition. Basically, best practice claims that the usual product that’s used to treat your pet’s condition should be unavailable or unsuitable for some reason.

The benefits of veterinary compounding

Here are some reasons why you should consider compounded medications if your pet is sick:

  • More precise dosing
  • Medications can be supplied in a form that your pet is happy to take
  • Gives your vet access to a wider range of medications, so your pet gets the treatment they need rather than just what’s commercially available
  • Allows your pharmacists to remove allergens or fillers that can cause bad reactions in some pets
  • Medications can be customised precisely to your pet’s needs
  • Your pharmacist may be able to combine medications, cutting down on the number of medications your pet has to take

Veterinary compounding at Kiara Pharmacy

At Kiara Pharmacy, we understand that your pet is a part of your family. And that’s why we work hard to understand your pet’s needs so that we can provide custom compounded medications at the right dosage for their body, temperament, breed, condition, and preferences.

We provide medication solutions for pets of all sizes and types, so just talk to our friendly pharmacists about your pet’s needs.

The Takeaway

You know that your pet is special, different to every other furry friend on the planet. That’s why, when they’re sick, they need personalised, customised care and medication. 

Make sure that your pet gets the care they need to live their best life. Talk to your friendly, expert compounding pharmacy in Perth for more targeted, personal care the next time your furry friend is unwell.

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