What Is A Compounding Pharmacy

What is a Compounding Pharmacy and What Does it Mean in 2023?

A compounding pharmacy – your doctor may have recommended it to you, or perhaps you have heard the term spoken or have seen it written. At Kiara Pharmacy, we get asked one question a lot – what is a compounding pharmacy, and what does it mean in 2023? So we thought we’d take a moment to break it down into information that is easy to understand, and easy to swallow (pun intended). So read on below, as we explain exactly what a compounding pharmacy means.

It means personalised medication – Have you ever thought back to before the times of modern science and technology, before over the counter medications and prescriptions?

Hundreds of years ago, if you needed treatment for an illness, then a solution was given to you that was specific to your needs. Physicians didn’t simply pull a “one-size fits all” medication solution straight from the shelf or from behind a counter. Instead, tailor-made solutions were created to best suit you. And that’s exactly what a compounding pharmacist does – they create personalised medication solutions that meet your exact needs.

It means more allergy-friendly prescriptions – Because a compounding pharmacist makes your doctor’s prescriptions from scratch, it means they can omit certain ingredients which you may specify that you want to avoid. Additions such as sugar, preservatives, gluten, lactose and dyes might not be something that you want to find in your medications for personal or allergic reaction reasons. Either way, by visiting a compounding pharmacy, it means you have more control as to what ingredients go into your medications.

It means easier to use medications – Similarly to the above, if you have trouble swallowing some medications or you often find you don’t like the taste, a compounding pharmacist can take all of this into account when creating your medications.

Kiara Pharmacy is a leading compounding pharmacy in Perth. Our expert pharmacists are here to help you make an informed decision when it comes to finding the best prescription medication solution for your needs. For more information, please contact us.

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